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A Petroyuan Would Be a Kick in the Gut for the Dollar

March 16, 2022  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 Last week, I asked the question: is the US undermining the dollar’s credibility? It appears the answer is — yes. In another blow for dollar dominance, Saudi Arabia is reportedly considering pricing at least some of its Chinese oil sales in yuan. According to the Wall Street Journal, the move […]

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More Inflation Coming Down the Pike; Producer Prices Up Big Again

March 16, 2022  by SchiffGold  0   0 In another sign that the inflation train is far from running out of steam, producer prices were up big again in February. The Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand surged 0.8% month on month. This was close to the expectation. The annual increase in producer prices came in at 10%, […]

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The Fed’s Feckless Inflation Fight

March 15, 2022  by Michael Maharrey  0   1 The Fed is supposedly about to step into the ring to fight inflation. But all indications are it’s going to be a feckless fight. Gold flirted with an all-time record high last week driven in part by safe-haven demand due to the geopolitical uncertainty caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. […]

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Peter Schiff: Beware of Gold Scams

March 15, 2022  by SchiffGold  0   0 Gold is an important part of your investment portfolio. But when you’re buying gold, you don’t want to overpay and you need to be on the lookout for scams. In a recent podcast, Peter Schiff said he doesn’t view gold as an “investment.” He considers gold “savings.” Instead of holding dollars, […]

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The Dollar’s Status Could Decline as Rapidly as Its Purchasing Power

The Federal Reserve Note “dollar” may be moving higher versus other fiat currencies, but foreign exchange markets seem to be another example of trading completely decoupled from reality. Recent news has been full of ominous developments for the dollar. Russia and China have already established trade without need for U.S. dollars. The two nations signed […]

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