Gold IRA Companies

Some Advice on Determining Which Gold IRA Company You Should Choosegold ira companies

Below are a few things to consider when researching different gold ira companies:

  1. Do you see if the company as an A­­+ rating from credible and authentic sources such as the Better Business Bureau?
  2. Does the company have a legitimate accreditation, which can also be seen at Better Business Bureau?
  3. Does the company you intend to open a gold IRA account have positive customer reviews and that too on trusted websites such as or Be wary if all the positive reviews you see regarding the company are rated 5-star or if the reviews sound like they have been written by someone with marketing experience. There is no doubt about the fact a majority of companies post fake and self-generated reviews.
  4. Does the website look professionally designed and developed? Or does it look it has been designed overnight and has a lot of things going wrong with it. If a business can’t even invest in designing a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website – do you expect them to provide you with exceptional services? I don’t think so.
  5. Does the website have any credible information in terms of contact? Legitimate and accredited companies don’t hesitate for a second to provide you with physical addresses of the location of their offices. Plus, they will also give you information regarding their principals as well as provide you with links to their profile on LinkedIn. Sketchy websites will never disclose their addresses and the names of their executives and neither will they provide you with an 800 contact number. And that is primarily because of the fact they want to conceal their identities from not being caught.
  6. Does the website you’re searching on have clearly written and credible terms and conditions? You have to see whether or not a company has laid out its privacy policy as well as other legal information. Once you visit an IRA company, be sure to check for details pertaining to the establishment’s customer policies. And if you find none you have to ask yourself why they haven’t provided any.
  7. Does the company have links to credible websites such as Yelp, ICTA, Better Business Bureau, or Trustlink pages? If they don’t, why don’t they?
  8. Last but not least, when you’re on Google, do some research by typing ‘name of company scandals and scams’, check and investigate if anything comes up.

We Have Done Some of the Hard Work For You! Here is a List of Several Top Gold IRA Companies For You To Consider.

(Our Favorite is Number One)

Thanks to numerous corrections made by the stock market to eliminate gains made through shady or unsanctioned trading methodologies over the course of several years have been put to a halt. And this has significantly increased the numbers of investors who are in search of relying on trustworthy and highly acclaimed financial safe-havens.

There is no doubt that a precious metal asset such as gold can act as the bedrock for the formation of your IRA.

In the past couple of years, the competition for IRA companies and credible investment clients has significantly increased.

Before the economic collapse in 2008, there were hardly any gold IRA custodians or precious metal IRA companies because of the stagnant demand for a gold-backed IRA. Well, things have considerably changed now, and more and more IRA companies have begun to provide exceptional services.

And this is really good news for experienced as well as new investors looking to create a powerful, gold-backed IRA to secure their future after retirement.

However, this has also resulted in a degree of circumspection when it comes to determining the best of the best in gold IRA providers.

And while you can check the credibility of trusted IRA providers at Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink – mentioned below are the 10 best gold IRA providers you should consider working with (In our opinion):

This guide will help you make a wise choice when researching gold ira providers.Wise Advice!

Although we have researched the following Gold IRA providers, always perform your own due diligence when determining a gold ira provider to handle your investments. It is absolutely pertinent that you take some time out to thoroughly investigate and research the company you are intending to work with.

  1. Goldco Direct

Goldco Direct has a BCA score of AAA and a BBB rating of A+. There is no doubt about the fact a lot of individual investors feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to the idea of backing their IRAs with precious metals such as gold. Taking confident decisions on commodities such as gold or silver and incorporating them into retirement IRAs requires expertise, knowledge, and experience.

After all, investors need to have strongly backed warranties, and this is where Goldco Direct shines the brightest. Moreover, after you have opened a gold-backed IRA account with them, you can enjoy not paying your account fees every year for 3 years.

But you might hesitate in investing in gold after you do some research on how and why gold and silver are good mediums of investment. Goldco Direct operates by asking for their client’s trust in them when it comes to gold investments and decisions. The company does not view its customers as counterparts when it comes to investigating a strong investment opportunity.

       2. Regal Assets

With a BCA score of AAA and a BBB score of A+ and more than 500 customer reviews on Trustlink, Regal Assets has become one of the most reliable and efficient IRA providers in the US. The company is renowned for its impeccable customer representation and is far ahead of the list of its competitors in regards to accreditation, customer reviews, customer representation and ratings.

The company has an enthusiastic group of employees who are dedicated and extremely professional.

They understand the importance of your gold IRA and can provide you with accurate information on viable gold options no matter the portfolio.

As soon as you contact them via their user-friendly website, Regal Asset’s representative will proficiently guide you through the process of how you can efficiently establish a gold-backed IRA and they can also direct with instructions on how you can rollover your present retirement account into an investment portfolio made up of physical gold or other precious assets.

  1. Heritage Gold Group

This company enjoys an AAA score at the BCA and an A+ BBB rating. When it comes to investing in precious metals, information is everything. All investors look forward to watching precious metal trends in the form of charts and other illustrated data, which can end up making your decisions quick and calculated.

And Heritage Gold Group is one business out of numerous others in this industry that strives to provide its clients with accurate information.

When you visit their website you can quite freely study different charts outlining the history of gold, silver as well as other precious metals.

  1. Birch Gold Group

Birch has a BCA score of AAA and a BBB rating of A+. Plenty of gold IRA companies emphasize gold when they discuss the merits of investing a chunk of their client’s investments in gold. The Birch Gold Group enthusiastically shares viable and advantageous investment opportunities with their clients and soon-to-be clients in regards to other precious metals, such as silver as well. Silver indeed does not have a lot of value, but it does provide precious metal IRA investors with the same investment opportunities.

  1. Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital enjoys a AAA score at BCA and an A rating at BBB. It is important to understand that you shouldn’t just depend on investing gold coins. Your gold-backed IRA can contain a number of different gold products and assets made of other precious metals as well.

For example, you should consider investing in other metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium as well. With the help of Rosland Capital, investors can adequately equip themselves with a profound knowledge of different precious metal bars, which made in different sizes – manufactured by a plethora of worldwide precious metal companies.

  1. GoldSilver

GoldSilver has a AAA score at BCA, however, it has no ranking in the BBB. Rated 5 stars at Trustlink, GoldSilver has flexible and accommodating prices in view of the services they offer and their heavy presence in the industry for precious metals.

GoldSilver is indeed a reputable precious metals IRA company that enjoys more than just noticeable authority when it comes to high-end and expensive metals exchange and business ventures.

However, the company provides straightforward evaluations and dealings.

They provide their clients with exceptionally well thought-out and analytical, not to mention, customized guidance when it comes to gold-backed individual investor portfolios for retirements.

The company was established by Michael Maloney, who is also the creator of “Manual for Investing in Gold and Silver”. 

  1. United Gold Direct

United Gold has a BBB rating of A+ with a 5-star rating at Trustlink. Irrespective of being renowned for being a competitive precious metals IRA company, with a ton of experience in the precious metals industry, the company still needs a considerable amount of work when you talk about accurately fulfilling customer specifications and honoring customer considerations.

Apart from that, United Gold has a group of highly skilled financial experts, a decent selection of all four precious metals, and also provided gold-backed rollover services.

While there is no doubt about the fact United Gold Direct does seemingly appear to be a company with a bright future, the complications and complaints that have been posed against the company have strikingly decreased the establishment’s authenticity and position in the speculation group for gold.

  1. Lexi Capital

The existing market conditions have a plethora of factors attached with the practices of people going out of their way to convince individual investors to switch to gold-backed IRA portfolios because of the frivolity of paper-based bonds and stocks.

With a BBB rating of A- and a 5-star Trustlink rating, Lexi Capital is renowned for its transparent and extremely customized services they provide to their clients. Lexi Capital is a reputable gold IRA company, despite being a fairly new company in the gold IRA industry. Lexi Capital was established by a group of students from UCLA in 2010. If UCLA is your alma matter, you might want to consider supporting your fellow Bruins when choosing your Gold IRA provider.

The founders at Lexi Capital are primarily focused on making the buying and selling of gold easier for individual investors which is nice.

  1. Morgan Gold

With a BCA score of B and a BBB rating of C and a 4.5-star rating at Trustlink, Morgan Gold is quite commonly ranked at the top when you talk about different online reviews. And that is mainly because of the broad variety and range of precious metal products the company has to offer individual gold IRA investors.

Morgan Gold provides flexible and efficient services and has a good selection of gold products and products made with other precious metals.

Several customer reviews, show that they have a wonderful customer representation department, which as soon as you contact them, will provide you with satisfactory guidance and answer all your queries without leaving you hanging in the middle.

  1. Blanchard

With a BBB rating at the BCA and an A+ ranking in the BBB, Blanchard is another viable option to open your gold-backed IRA account.

Although the company does house a rather small category of precious metal products, mainly gold and silver, Blanchard indeed has an immensely user-friendly and highly optimized website.

The company assign’s a highly skilled financial expert to all their clients – ensuring that Blanchard never compromised on efficiency and quality of service.

Plus, with good services, Blanchard also provides individual investors with the opportunity to learn more about their gold-backed IRA – in other words, they constantly teach you how to wisely manage your account and how to make all the right investment decisions.


All in all, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to hiring a gold IRA company.

However, it is still important to select one that has more experience, is highly ranked and reputed in the industry.

Some of the above-mentioned companies are highly ranked, provide efficient services, guidance, and transparent consistency.

But it is still important that you indulge in thorough research about each company and then hire the best one for the job.