Price Analysis Shows Bearish Indicators but Exhaustion may be Near

September 25, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 Daily Moving Averages Gold One of the major technical indicators is the 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) vs the 200 DMA. As the chart below shows, the gold 50 DMA had passed through the 200 DMA in June. This is referred to as a Golden Cross and can be a very bullish […]

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Fed Changed Nothing but Gold Got Smashed Anyway — Any Questions?

The U.S. dollar index, our friend Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics writes gold, “is back to where it was right before Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s press conference yesterday. When Powell said ‘maybe in November we’ll have a taper schedule,’ the dollar shot up and paper gold was slammed. With the dollar back down […]

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U.S. Debt Default Planned in a Sneaky Way

Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason. Debt troubles in China and Washington, D.C. helped boost safe-haven demand for precious metals early this week. By Thursday, however, investors piled back into stocks and sold safe-havens again. As of this Friday recording, the gold price is essentially unchanged on the week to trade […]

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Are $1 Trillion Coins Coming Rather Than More Federal Debt?

Credit risk out of China and debt ceiling drama in Washington are driving precious metals markets this week. Gold and silver attracted some significant safe-haven buying as equity markets succumbed to selling. The storyline being trumpeted in the financial media is that a government shutdown and possible debt default loom in October unless the U.S. […]

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Fun on Friday: I Wish I Had This Superpower!

September 24, 2021  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just talk and your words would alter reality? It would elevate you to superhero status — or super-villain depending on your propensity to use your power for good or evil. You know, there’s a real-life person who at least appears to have this […]

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